Holibags and sickness

Hello my blogends (blogging friends). Apologies for my lack of commenting and general MIAness lately. I have great excuses though….

Firstly I was in Scotland (hame) on holiday, where I was busy partying (father-in-law’s 80th), meeting up with friends and relatives and eating all the food I possibly could for a fortnight. I did manage to visit a few places that I will blog about soon hopefully.

Secondly since I got back (8 days ago) I’ve been in bed sick. I’m not a good patient and always expect to wake up the next morning feeling better, but this time I just couldn’t shake it off. Anyway long story short, I went to the doctor who diagnosed Strep Throat so I’m finally on the road to recovery thanks to drugs (antibiotics before y’all shake your head at me!) I knew I was ill when I didn’t even want to eat any of the smuggled contrabrand (chocolate, crisps and biscuits) plus today is the first day I’ve felt like looking at my photographs from home.

So to let you know I’m still alive and (getting) well I’m sharing a Heilan Coo with you. Hope to catch up with all your lovely blogs soon.


Beautiful Scottish Redhead

9 thoughts on “Holibags and sickness

  1. You should have gargled single malt Scotchs – that would have set you right (depending if you only gargled it). Glen Grant maybe then you can combine you heritage with your new lodgings – General Grant having been famous general and president of United States.

    That is surely a hot Scottish redhead, complete with flower in her hair (well her mouth does have hair on it!)

    Glad you are better Alba

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    1. I can’t gargle. My mum is always telling me to gargle with salt water and she should now from me being her child and all, that every time I try to gargle I puke!
      Gargling with whisky would DEFINITELY make me puke.
      She IS a hot Scottish redhead, isn’t she 😁


    1. Thanks Curtis. Yeah, I caught it from my daughter who had it the whole fortnight we were there. Mine was only starting as I was leaving so I only infected the whole plane on the way home with my tickly cough. 😷😷😷


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