WPC: Collage

A Chicago collage. It’s a mixed-up-muddled-up-shook-up-world except for Lola…. no, wait a minute that’s the Kinks (and one of my top-ten favourite songs y’all) I should be singing a Queen song….

A few wee snaps thrown into a collage from a couple of days I had in Chicago this weekend for this week’s Weekly Photography Theme.

Fat bottomed girls we make the rockin’ world go round!Β 

19 thoughts on “WPC: Collage

    1. I thought so too at first but he does a good job and it’s still Brian May and Roger Taylor so they still sound like Queen.
      Adam doesn’t try and be Freddie. He does it his way but is respectful in places, camp in places and he knows how to rock.


      1. Yeah, get it. The thing is though, I saw Queen quite a few times as they were on their way to the top and then later when they were filling stadiums, so it’s just a Dookes thing.
        One memorable night was the day that John Lennon died; Freddie and Brian came on with the words and music to “Imagine” then did an acoustic tribute just lit by a single spotlight, you could’ve heard a pin drop!

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        1. Oh wow! Would have loved to see them in their Glory Years. I can imagine (no pun intended) how awesome that tribute would have been.
          I’ll let you off then seeing as you have a good excuse 😜

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  1. I was away a for a few days and my ADSL line was away for a week. But hopefully I’m back. The photo of Abraham Lincoln reminds me of a quotatation I recently read of him: Nowadays is is diffycult to determine if what you read on the internet is true or not…

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