Close encounters

Close encounters of the deer kind. This one was SO tame I could have walked up and petted it!

Deer lowres
Eye contact

Saturday evening sitting out the back when this deer walked across the gardens then stopped to eat some weeds at the edge of the hill. It also patiently waited till I went back inside to pick up my camera.

Deer lowres 2
What’s that?

Then as I slowly approached it started walking over TOWARDS me. I must have taken about 100 shots; it was one of the coolest things that has happened to me in a long time.

Deer lowres 3
She’s off!

Then just as quickly she ran off into the woods.

Technical stuff – Pentax K5 (for once I actually just put the camera in auto and started shooting not having time to figure out the ISO/exposure compensation etc.) Tamron 18-200mm lens, shot at almost full zoom. These are pretty much straight out the camera.

P.S. 3 posts in a week!!! Check me out being all bloggy and stuff!

10 thoughts on “Close encounters

  1. Honestly Alba I am disapointed in you. Dear Alba and dear deer’s eyes meet. Dear deer steps towards Alba and her heart becomes liquid chocholate… and then she shot at the deer about a 100 times!!!

    Don’t worry I know you took photos but wordpress doesn’t. There logaritmic calculation paired your post on the reader with a self filmed hunt and a deer being shot with a bow!

    If I sit out the back I may be lucky if I get a (pic) of the neighbours cat!

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      1. In both of those posts they refer to deer (being hunted) and shots so that is why it is being connected with your post. By the way I did not even read but the introductory paragraph is included. Sorry didn’t mean to cause you distress. Don’t think it is necessary to change your post

        Liked by 1 person

    1. My inner Alba is faaaaar from calm or cool Mike! My inner Alba is a bit neurotic, a bit of a nerd and (believe it or not) painfully shy.


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