A bad hair day

Dawg recently got a haircut, courtesy of hubby. It’s a bad one. I also just got a haircut, not courtesy of hubby I hasten to add, and it’s also a bad one. But whereas I pull my hair back off my face with sunglasses, or tie it up till it grows again Dawg couldn’t give a sh*t about how bad his haircut is. Be more like Dawg. Embrace the bad haircuts, even if they make you look like Gizmo the Gremlin. (Dawg, not me)

14 thoughts on “A bad hair day

  1. I have the perfect barber who never make a mistake. Okay I’ll admit once in a blue moon I nick myself while shaving…
    Dawg looks beautiful and I am sure you do tooπŸ˜‡
    The pastor who married me gave me the advice and (in front of his wife that regardless of how your wife looks after a haircut always tell her it looks nice apon which retorted: why don’t you…


    1. Lol, my husband never notices when I get a haircut unless I get something drastically different (like this one) Oh well, it’s only hair and it’ll grow again.
      Mines and Dawgs 😜


    1. The problem is that he looked like a teddy bear (i.e. Cute) and he was supposed to get an Airedale cut but now he looks like a Gremlin.
      But he doesn’t care 🐢

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