WPC: Transient

Transient: Lasting only a short time. Impermanent.

Some old photographs (again) but sums up my idea of transient. Isn’t nature wonderful?


A moment of love

A dream

A laugh

A kiss

A cry


Our rights

Our wrongs


A moment of love

A Dream

A laugh


A moment of love

A dream

A laugh


Lyrics: The Temper Trap, Sweet Disposition

Β Transient

20 thoughts on “WPC: Transient

    1. It was my ninja training Curtis πŸ˜‰
      Hah, actually they’re very common here but not as frequent to my backyard now I have Dawg. One walked through yesterday though when the dog was inside but the minute I moved she ran away.
      They’re beautiful but very skittish.

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