WPC: (out of) Order

The front duck wobbled. Probaby planning his big escape!

Phew, just made it by the skin of my teeth – what a weird phrase! Teeth don’t have skin. Well mine don’t 😦 I’ve really trailed my archives for this shot, which was one of the first I took when I finally got a DSLR after years of drooling over them. Anyway I tried Focus Stacking here and it worked (kinda) but the front duck is a wee bit blurry.

Order is the theme for this week and I thought this photograph was quite appropriate. One of these is not like the others.

Be weird.

Stay weird.

Embrace your differences.

Stand out from the crowd and do your own thing.

Be a free spirit.Β 


27 thoughts on “WPC: (out of) Order

      1. Honestly Alba stop ridiculing things you don’t know anything about. You see I am a skinhead ( not voluntary) therefore by involuntary association I have skinteeth. Quite simple really…πŸ˜‡

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  1. I stacked bales of hay in my youth but I’ve never tried focus stacking. Sounds cool. Btw, Alba, do you have any shots you want to include in the ‘journey’ anthology I’m editing? Focus-stacked or not.


      1. Ah, excellent! Anything that could fit with the theme ‘a journey’. You can include a caption, several lines if you want, to enlarge upon the link between picture and theme. The theme is broadly interpreted – any type of journey. So any arresting picture(s) you have will be welcome!

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