Hiking at Turkey Run

For my son’s 20th birthday this week he wanted to go hiking at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. He’s been before so knew all the hikes, but as his 70 year old Gran and I were going with him I expected him to choose the ‘easy’ routes…. Nope. He chose all the most difficult ones – ‘rugged’ is how the trail map described them. In consideration of our advanced years he made us do the harder ones first, which meant that by the end of the day (4 hours of hiking btw!) we only had to consider stairs as the ‘obstacles’. He’s all heart that boy! According to MyFitnessPal I climbed 44 flights of stairs that day!

Anyway I was glad I’d taken my compact camera because it meant when I was climbing up gorges and down canyons, plus walking along streams and very narrow cliff edges I could balance myself better without a big DSLR hanging round my neck. Next time I go back I will definitely take the big camera with me though. The scenery was luscious and the rocks were majestic. I was fighting the bright sunlight though with my compact, which I have to say did quite a decent job in the circumstances with only a few blown highlights and flares. It was a fabulous day and I’m already planning when I can go back.

Turkey run4

The start of the hike was looking good and pretty easy so far.

Turkey run9

Son climbing up Wedge Rock.

Turkey run5

There are many legends about how Turkey Run got its name. One story says that wild turkeys, finding it warmer in the canyon bottoms, or “runs”, would often huddle in these runs to avoid the cold. Pioneer hunters would herd the turkeys through these natural funnels into a central location for an easy harvest. Since historic accounts suggest that large numbers of turkeys lived here, it follows that turkeys in the runs prompted the area’s name, Turkey Run.

Turkey Run2

Eventually we gave up trying to use stepping stones and logs to get over the water and just walked up the streams. We then had the joy of wet feet for the rest of the day.

Turkey run3

Caves and overhangs were everywhere. There was so much to explore and see; it really was photography heaven.

Turkey run8

The colours on the rocks were phenomenal.

turkey run1

The Devil’s Punchbowl was amazing and one of the places I’m definitely coming back to with my DSLR and a tripod!

Turkey run14

Some of the five million stairs we climbed. I have to say my wee mum was a champ. She has more energy than me and even though some of the stairs were higher up than her knee she managed everything!

Turkey run13

Falls Canyon waterfall

Turkey run15

The Ice Box

Skink lowres

A Five-Lined Skink

Turkey run6

Canoeing (or kayaking) down Sugar Creek river

Turkey run7

How I would do it if I was canoeing!

What a great way to spend the day with my son and my mum, plus added bonus. I was only very slightly sore the next day. Result!



8 thoughts on “Hiking at Turkey Run

  1. Wow this certainly looks like my type of day. Haven’t met your son but I like him already. Beautiful hike wich you captured nicely. My favourite being the photo where you celebrated your wet feet. However I need to caution against exaggeration. I did a google search and apparently their are only 4.5 million steps…

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