WPC: Reflecting

On seeing this week’s topic the Chicago Bean (Cloud Gate Sculpture to give it it’s proper name) immediately sprung to mind and luckily I found a shot I hadn’t ever bothered with before as I had taken so many photographs of it. Anyway here is The Chicago Bean in all it’s shiny reflective glory.

Reflections of my life

Reflections of my life by Marmalade. A great song, but oh boy, is it depressing! Now I have an earworm.

I thought I’d throw in another shot on the Reflecting theme. Maybe if I’m a good girl this year Santa will bring me one of these. Or a pony. I’m easy to please.


p.s. You’ll be happy to know I have my ‘R’s’ back in the title field.


20 thoughts on “WPC: Reflecting

    1. It has a hollow dip going upwards, big enough to stand upright, where you can see reflections of yourself. It’s one of the sculptures at Millennium Park in Chicago. Very cool place to hang out. 🙂

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  1. Have you heard about the rock group Captain Alba and the marmelade beans?

    It could have been worse, you may have had eawoem. Very glad you your R’s R back – I was estless the whole night!

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