WPC: Wanderlust

As my favourite wizard once said…


Yeah, of course I have a list of favourite Wizards, doesn’t everyone? Gandalf comes before Merlin, who comes before Dumbledore but I also have a wee soft spot for Belgarath. Catweazle isn’t on my list – he scared the beejeebers out of me when I was young!

Anway, back to wanderlust. It would be so easy to throw a ton of pics up but I wanted to do something more original soooooo of course I thought of Doctor Who. The eternal wanderlusty Time-Traveller. (If Wanderlusty isn’t a real word it should be!)

If you had a Tardis you could go anywhere, anytime and not have to queueย up at passport control. How excellent is that? The Tardis has been busy lately. I found it in a front garden (front yard) of a house near me in Central Illinois.


Yep, just parked there like a fountain.


BUT, I’ve also spotted it in Buchanan Street in Glasgow in recent times. I was really hoping to find David Tennant too, but no such luck. As an aside David Tennant was in a Glasgow theatre one time I was there and the actors had to stop so he could stand up and take a bow because all the audience were turning round to get a better look at him and ignoring the show.


Well with time being a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff it can go anywhere, anytime and do what it likes. Shouldn’t be too hard to transport me all over then should it?

It can take me to Mars, although I’ve been there already and I have pictures to prove it…


Yep, of course there is (or was). Mars, complete with shadow selfie when it still had water.

But for those of you who don’t believe in space travel this next one’s for you.


And lastlyย the best Wanderlust quote is from Douglas Adams who said…


I do believe it’s time for another adventure my bloggy friends.


17 thoughts on “WPC: Wanderlust

  1. Hi Alba I also have this problem of theatre goers not wanting to focus because they look at me… (and then he realized his coffee is cold).
    This post is certainly emperical proof of time travel

    Liked by 1 person

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