A good match: WPC

The first thing that jumped to mind for this week’s photo challenge was colour combinations that match or complement each other. As a graphic designer I’ve come across some horrific colour parings and some stunning ones. You may think but there’s only so many ways you can pair colours up, and this is true, but it’s the subtle variations in tones and hues that make the colours match. Or not.

Maybe that’s why I have such a problem with paint colours. My husband says I should go into the DIY store, buy the first colour of paint I like then throw it in the bin, then go buy another colour as I nearly always repaint over the first choice I make. I can’t help it, what looks good in swatches and trials never looks how I imagine it will look in a whole room. *sigh*

Anyway I thought I would go through my stock photos plus also take some new photos with matching colours and do a big lovely post about colours…. this is SO not happening! Not only am I running out of time, but work (real work that pays money) is once again getting in the way of online fun.

So here is my one pathetic photograph about matching colours – orange and yellow in this case. 2 colours that only nature can do justice to side-by-side. That was to have been the second part of my post; the colours that match/complement each other in nature. Maybe I’ll save that idea for a future post.

If you think this post is a bit rambly then don’t get me started on fonts!! My daughter got a wedding invitation in this week with six different fonts…. 6 DIFFERENT FONTS!!! *shaking my head*

Orange and yellow – a good match (macro of tulip petals incase you were wondering)

A Good Match

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