What month is it?

What do you mean it’s December already??? I’m still in October here!

October, what a great month that was. There was Hawaii of course for mum’s 70th birthday. Then at the end there was a quick overnight trip to Chicago to see Amos Lee. The photographs from the concert have been sitting in my compact camera since then and finally got the chance to look at them today and they’re pants. One salvageable shot from the whole lot…. I must have known subconsiously that they were rubbish and therefore was not in a rush to look at them.

Anyway here is my concert shot of Amos Lee at the Chicago Theatre. Bet you could totally have guessed who it was from this shot (not!) Oh yeah, and there was also some sort of Baseball game thingy happening in Chicago that weekend too. I knew this because of the lions outside the Art Institute wearing Cubs baseball hats. I’m so sporty!

Excuse the blurry image – it was taken from a moving car. Very mean of hubby not to stop in the middle of the traffic for me dontcha think?
Chicago Theatre
Can you tell who it is? A new career as a concert photographer awaits…

But best of all a driving trip to Chicago means a slight diversion *cough* of a few miles to the Irish supermarket to stock up on goodies. My credit card overloaded that day.


12 thoughts on “What month is it?

  1. I’ve said it before, I love the Windy City and the Cubs (sorry, dur Cubs) are my favourite baseball team!
    Great photos that sparked happy memories. Thanks Alba.
    Not sure about the chocolate diet though….what’s wrong with a White Castle “slider”???????

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  2. Great photos Alba. BTW I’m doing a wonder lusting post on Hawaii (amongst other places) sometime next week. Would love to link up to your blog and, with your permission, maybe use a photo. Would that be ok?

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