Aloha Part 5

Or Hawaii 5-0, except I’ve posted more than 50 photographs of Hawaii, but who’s counting. Not going to say too much about this last lot. They were all taken out of a helicopter’s side-window. Sometimes there’s a bit of reflection in the shot but I knew that my mum and sister would never stand for a ‘doors-off’ ride. They were worried enough about the regular helicopter ride never mind suggesting to them we book one with no doors on. Oh well, next time maybe.

P.S. I actually re-arranged the back of the pilot’s seat by moving all the important information cards and sick-bags (or comfort bags as they’re now called) from the seat pocket so I wouldn’t get as many reflections. Got to get my priorities right you know. Photograph first, safety second. Joking.

Anyway seatbelts fastened, headphones on, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Above the treetops
Sea Cave
Na Pali coastline
Kauai valley
Kauai river
Kauai Waterfalls
Beautiful Kauai
Kauai landscape
Misty mountains (cue a wee Hobbitey song sung by dwarves)
Somewhere under a rainbow
Mountaintop Greenery
Na Pali Valley
View to the Pacific
Na Pali cliffs
Na Pali coastline
Hikers (zoom in to the bottom LHS quarter to see them)
Beautiful Kauai coastline

Well I say that’s all from Kauai, but I still have all the coastal shots of crashing waves, sea birds, pretty flowers to edit…. maybe I’ll throw another post up at some point in the future but at the moment it’s Aloha from Hawaii and Mahalo for looking at my photographs.


16 thoughts on “Aloha Part 5

  1. I really can’t get over just how lush and green it all is. Good results as well, even shooting through perspex windows.
    I’m not a big helicopter fan either, I was always taught that real aircraft have wings, so I understand your Mum’s nervousness, hope she didn’t suffer any air-sickness!

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  2. Love all the pics and the memories they bring back for me. It really is the most stunning of places. Can’t wait to return.
    Who did you book your helicopter ride with? Be good to know if you’d recommend them.

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    1. Thanks Silver Fox. I would go back in a heartbeat too. We went with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.
      We had breakfast/brunch one morning in a place you’d recommended btw – Kountry Kitchen 🙂

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