Mosquitoes 39 : Alba 0

That was on my last counting of bites last night. It’s probably more than that now. I know I should be grateful that my lovely Scottish blood is so appealing to American bitey-bugs, but to be honest I was equally attractive to Scottish Midgies and I just want them to stop! The itching is driving me daft. Although I might have a solution quite soon – I was at a friends house on Saturday night and I’d only been out on her deck for less than 2 minutes and I was getting eaten alive. I asked her if she had any bug-spray and she handed me a bottle of Avon Skin-so-soft. Wow! That was me bug-free for the rest of the night! Now not that I’m endorsing any product, but YOU GOTTA TRY THIS STUFF. I’ve ordered hunners of bottles off the internet (2 actually) and am patiently waiting for them so I can enjoy the lovely warm evenings outside again.

I don’t have a photograph of a mosquito to post but I did get a few good shots of a Praying Mantis the other day there.

Not a mosquito

Now up till last week I though Praying Mantises were just another innocent bug, going about their daily lifes doing bug-related things like eating plants and maybe even smaller bugs. Little did I know they are really horrific serial killers who actually STAB and KILL hummingbirds!!! I would post a link to the pictures and video but it was horrific and I really don’t want to watch it again 😦 If you’re at all into horror films then by all means go Google it. I’m not. I still haven’t gotten over Nightmare on Elm Street 30 years later.

Eat a hummingbird? Never!

I love summer and wish it could last longer, but on MY conditions. The weather has to stay in the high 70s, low 80s and all the bitey-bugs and humidity have to be gone. My dog loves it getting cooler again though. We can once again walk him and he isn’t collapsing in a heap by the time he gets home. Last Sunday was a beautiful morning at the lake and he got off the lead for a short time. This next photograph is the picture of happiness.

Chasing dragonflies at the lake. Happy dog.

Oh to be as happy as a puppy that’s allowed to chase dragonflies and swim in the lake. We could all take lessons on living in the moment from dogs.

Happy last days of summer everyone.

8 thoughts on “Mosquitoes 39 : Alba 0

    1. Even black flies bite you here! What can I say, I’m a tasty bug’s supper. Dawg only ever bites me by accident when he’s getting too wound up with his toys. You can tell he’s immediately sorry tho. 🙂


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