Sometimes you gotta kiss the frog

I don’t like to kill animals unneccesarily so being the kind soul that I am I was giving the frog the benefit of the doubt. Why it thought that under the swing cushion would be a good place to live I don’t know. 5 times I sort of poked it with a stick and brushed it along till it jumped off the deck to the grass 10feet below. When it came back for the 3rd time I did wonder if I should kiss it, just in case, you know…. But before I could pucker up and say “SMOOCH ME BABY!” it hopped away again *sigh* Anyway today I lifted the cushion up as always, coz I imagine there’s nothing worse than squishing a frog with my fat arse (even under a cushion), and lo and behold there’s two of them! Mr and Mrs Frog. Maybe that’s why he didn’t want a snog. I don’t mind sharing my perfect reading seat with a frog (or two) but what happens if they have baby froglets? What happens if dawg sees them and eats them? I think frogs have fangs don’t they? They’re like mini-vampires with big smiles. That’s why we only every see them smiling, we never see the fangs till it’s TOO LATE!

Swing lowres
A perfect reading seat – or a honeymoon destination for frogs?

Frog inspection is necessary before sitting down with a book.

frog swing 2 lowres
The original handsome prince

One quickly turned into two. You wonder if (in frog language) he’s going “Come with me baby, I’ll show you the perfect place to live. We’re going up in the world now!”

frog swing lowres
Mr and Mrs Frog

Yes, I know frogs don’t have froglets, they have tadpoles, and tadpoles live in water, but maybe this is just the honeymoon destination… maybe the hot-tub will be overrun by tadpoles next. I hope not. I just got it fixed!

froggy lowres
A better frog picture from last year

This last photograph was when I brought the hibiscus bush inside for the winter and a frog hitched a ride. I would have quite happily let him live out the winter on the bush except that it was obviously too hot in the house to hibernate so he started hopping around the living room. He had to go. I carefully buried him (alive) in mulch along the side of the house. Maybe this one is the grandfather of the one currently inhabiting my swing?

ps. See the smile? That’s him hiding his fangs.

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