Miami Graffiti

As one of the photographs say – is it art or is it vandalism?

Most definitely art in my opinion.

9 thoughts on “Miami Graffiti

  1. “Alba woz here”…. that kind of eejit? 😉
    I was getting accused of working for Google Earth that particular morning (I’ve been accused of that before btw. Non-photographers just don’t understand!) The artworks were fantastic, but the middle of the day bright sunlight wasn’t particulary great for photography. Plus I was melting in the 100 degree heat so I ended up not seeing even half of the art.

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    1. Yes probably, but it’s much more fun taking them myself 🙂
      When I was in New Orleans a couple of years ago I was getting dragged out of the French Quarter kicking and screaming. So much to photograph!

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  2. Its a living art gallery…
    Reminds me of penang malaysia where they encourage street art.
    They even have tourist routes and maps to all the good ones down the many back alleys.

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