Working from home problems…

Working from home gives you loads of time to procrastinate (Blogging anyone?) but on the whole I’m pretty good at being diligent and working hard. So much so that sometimes hours can have passed by and I haven’t taken a break or moved much from my PC. My biggest distraction is probably this….

“Is this my best side?”

Anyway today I decided to take advantage of the 90+ degree and go sit outside for a wee half hour with a cup of tea and my book and put my feet up…..

Not my legs…. unfortunately!

And this happens….

A wee bit stormy

It’s just a bit of wind and a few clouds I though (I’m a glass half-full type) and decided to brave it out. It was still warm and a bit breezy (or as we would say in Scotland “It’s a guid drying day fur the claes”) but when the rain turned to hail and the wind turned to hurricane level I decided the weather had won and went inside. Ah well, there’s always this….

Choccy biccies

Tea and biscuits and procrastination anyone?


11 thoughts on “Working from home problems…

  1. I’ve never noticed that before Rover. *goes and checks the packet* They say ‘made in Britain’ but ‘flavour is spelt the American way without a ‘U’.

    You do realise I have to drive 40 miles to buy these…

    Ps. My phone spellcheck is trying to tell me there’s a ‘z’ in realise. There isn’t the way I spell it phone!

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  2. Sorry, I’ve just side tracked you from your procrastination. The biscuits aren’t important, if you’re happy with the flavor, go for it (but not now, wait until you’re going that way …. 40 miles that’s a costly biscuit)

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  3. I have squirrel level ADD, but I always come back on topic. Eventually.
    Actually chocolate biscuits should be a procrastination reason all by themselves…. Mmmmmm biscuits!
    Pah, 40 miles is nothing here in the wide open prairie. I admit to not usually driving that far ONLY for British goodies…. Just when I’m REALLY desperate. 😉


    1. When you’re a world-famous author you can get them flown specially in… I’m picturing wee toaty parachutes with a packet of chocolate digestives at the end 😉

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    1. They are daughters legs and sock. Well actually they are sons socks but he’s not here and she raids his wardrobe when he goes!
      Anyway she had just come in from a bike ride, therefore the feet are in socks in 90deg heat.

      They ARE amazing socks, aren’t they? 😉

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