New York songs (and pics)

Some more street-life photography with accompaniment this time.

New York 57





New York 59






New York 58





New York 60





New York 61





New York 63





New York 62





New York 65



14 thoughts on “New York songs (and pics)

  1. I love your pictures, I think I don’t like people. Look at all the people in the first one, aahh. Did the couple get married on the street? What about the little children, are they all tied together? You are opening my eyes to a different world (and widgets).

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    1. Sooooo many questions Rover!
      First pic – Times Square. Faaaar too many people, plus people in costumes, beggars, naked Wonderwoman (body paint) (Yes, I did take her photo but not uploading it here 😉 ), human statues and hunners of tourists!
      Second pic – Greenwich Village street life. Very cool area of NY.
      Third pic – Oyster Bar. Just shot it coz it looked like somewhere I’d like to hang out and people watch 😉
      Fourth pic – Lower Manhatten. Shot this coz of the guy in the man-kilt 🙂
      Fifth pic – Group of young people doing Shakespeare in the Park in Bryant Park. Zoom in on the pic and check out their ears on their wigs. I want one.
      Sixth pic – A pre-school class on Upper West Side. Yep, they’re all tied together. Makes sense. I think children should always be tied up! (joking!!) 😉
      Seventh pic – A bride and groom in Times Square. I think I heard someone say they were shooting a commercial but I still thought it was cool!
      Eighth pic – Chillin’ out and disobeying the rules at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My fav place in NY 🙂
      Glad to be adding to your World education (and widget education) 🙂


  2. Ok, three and eight win for me. Three – they look relaxed, eight – they are sitting next to the sign saying “no sitting”, my kind of people. (And four – what kind of man would wear a kilt).
    More chocolate for teacher!

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    1. Four – a COOL guy…. Although not sure what his tartan is 😉

      Chocolate always goes down well, although it would melt today in the heat (94f) so I’ll have a 99 today thanks 😉

      Ps. I have to keep clicking ‘follow’ you – do you keep unfriending me? (Or whatever the Worspress equivalent is)

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  3. Thanks my friend. I have one more collection of street shots I converted to monotone then I’ll stop with the New York shots 🙂
    Don Henley I do believe… I loved finding the right music for the photos. I know you do that a lot but I’ve only done it occasionally. It’s something I think I’d like to do more of “she said, pinching his idea!” 😉


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