Things I learned in New York

New York 24You can fit five (large) adults in the back seat of a hire-car… not something I hope to repeat in the near future though!

New York drivers speak to each other in code by honking their horns. Apparently it’s an official language.

“Watch yer heid” in broad Scots is understood in any language, especially when the tour-guide is standing up on an open-topped bus.

Laughing hysterically whilst using Snapchat sitting in a bar draws eye-rolls and looks from the younger generation who are probably all going “Check out the old dudes learning to face-swap”.

If you keep your eyes closed on the taxi ride from the airport it doesn’t make it any better – I’m still traumatised!

The Empire State Building is NOT the Eiffel Tower, no matter how Β many times I called it that.

This isn’t the Empire State woman, this is the Statue of Liberty.

I get confused at my age….

New York 27



17 thoughts on “Things I learned in New York

    1. I think I knew that it was a gift from France, but not that it was made by Gustav Eiffel. Even more information for me to add to the limited space in my brain….


  1. I bet there are more people in that first picture, than there are in the whole of Ireland. I don’t think I could cope in New York. But where did you take the photo from?
    I’ve always thought the Statue of Liberty woman looked sad. She should have more of a look of someone holding the winning lottery ticket.

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    1. 8 million people live in New York, so definitely more than Ireland (or Scotland)! And they’re all in Times Square at the same time!!!
      The first pic was taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower. No it wasn’t, it was the top of the Empire Stare building (which was probably the coolest building in NY. The art-deco was wonderful!
      Haha, I can photoshop a smile on her face and take out the torch and replace it with a lottery ticket if you want…. πŸ˜€


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