Thank you!

Thanks, Merci, Ta, Cheers me-dears, or in my adopted country’s language “Thank y’all” This is my American accent incase you didn’t quite pick that up (all my attempts at accents sound vaguely like Klingon)

What am I thanking you for? Well I now have 100 followers on this silly little blog of mine!


I’m overwhelmed that so many people like my blog enough to want to follow me, although I’m pretty sure some of them clicked follow by accident, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

When I started blogging it was because I wanted more out of photography than I could get from Flickr. Flickr is great, and I still use it a lot, but I’m becoming more fond of blogging now because I’m not restricted to posting my best photographs and I can yap more on here. Sometimes a phone snapshot is enough to illustrate what I’m blabbing on about. Take this shot of my dog for instance.

Glenn 33
Dawg, always ready to party!

Taken on my phone and not Flickr-worthy but certainly blog-worthy because it makes me smile. This is him celebrating my birthday btw. He’s such a party-animal (no pun intended).

Anyway thank you again, each and every one of you who takes the time to read the nonsense that comes out of my head and to look at my photographs. I love y’all *sniff*


20 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. I thought you had ignored it, so I wasn’t going to remind you. Well I hope you had a happy birthday ALBA 10 (or are you eleven now?), plenty of Moet et Chandon, cake, gunpowder and gelatine. Your dog looks really happy to be part of the celebrations.

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    1. You should never ask a lady her age Rover!!!
      I didn’t get any Moet et Chandon (or gunpowder or jelly) but I did get cake. There would have been a riot if I didn’t get any cake!!!
      Dawg is always happy to party 😉

      ps. Going to New York on Friday – def. dragging out the celebrations as long as I can 😉

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      1. I didn’t ask your age (I didn’t have to), but I promise I will not say your age out loud. Hope you have a good time in New York, just call it your birth month.
        Each time you comment, I get an email saying you are now following me even though it says you are already following. (I don’t mind, but I think something is wrong)

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        1. Probably the same reason if you answer a comment it doesn’t come up in my Reader…. there’s a glitch in the Matrix my Irish friend!
          Thanks, we’re meeting friends from Scotland in NY so going to have a fabby time 😀

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    1. What….. *wibbly bottom lip*…. you mean there’s no Birthday Cornish Pasties in the mail for me??? :’-(
      What do you mean a ton? I feel like I should be insulted but truthfully I can’t be bothered…

      That’s OK Dookes, you have a lot on your mind.

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        1. Hey, I’m doing all right for a Centurion! No, wait a minute, a Centurion is a Roman soldier… I’m doing all right for a centenarian! (yes, I did go Google that) :-p


        2. You’re not going to believe this but last night I was reading over my comments and it clicked…. “Aaahhh, a TON – a hundred followers – THATS what Dookes meant”!!! OMG how slow on the uptake am I sometimes.
          Actually, maybe you’ll find it easy to believe after all! :/

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