Cars and stuff

Ask me what kind of car I have…. go on. Ask me.

What kind of car do you have Alba?

It’s blue and it sparkles in the sunshine, and yes, I totally bought it for that reason. The sparkly reason. Not the blue reason.

So that’s how much I know about cars… I don’t even know my registration number!

BUT, I did admire this one, sitting in the Walmart carpark on Sunday. People of Walmart are going up in the world.

I guess it’s Henry’s car (registration) and I can see it’s a Ford but it’s a great blue colour and has lovely curves, chassis and headlights (sorry for thieving Rover) I think I would quite like a car like this one… I might even be persuaded to memorise the licence plate!

old car
It’s Henry the Ford

6 thoughts on “Cars and stuff

  1. I had to come back, my work wasn’t quite done. (I’m having a problem with my D’s)
    It is interesting, the difference a week makes. Last time, rusty round the edges, hiding in the bushes but still having all the curves in all the right places. This time the bonnet has had a good buffing, and we’re sparkling in the sunshine.
    As a fully paid up member of the of the Older Curves Appreciation Society, I think you are OK to join us this week. Last week it was a bit touch and go.

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