Things my dog has eaten: Chapter 197

Damn Dawg! Yesterday he ate my daughter’s spare glasses….


A couple of weeks ago he ate my iPhone….


Then there was the time he ate the TV Plonker (remote control for non-plonker people!)


A library book (which cost me $32 to replace!!! I didn’t even like the book – it was a book club one!!!!!)


Plus of course various dog-toys over the year….


Even the indestructible ones….


Not to mention all the dozens of socks, tissues, paper towels, paper, a tea-towel, blankets, dog-beds, towels. And don’t forget all the food he steals when counter-surfing (only when no-one is looking of course, he’s not daft!)….


Why do we keep him you ask? Well, he is smart, loveable, cuddly and the cutest dog ever. Plus of course he loves me unconditionally. What more could I ask? Well, how about not stealing stuff when I’m not around……

FullSizeRender (1)

13 thoughts on “Things my dog has eaten: Chapter 197

  1. Nawww look at that face! Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth haha sorry couldn’t help laughing. My brother’s dog ate the bumper bar corner of his imported car…

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  2. Ha ha! You gotta love them haven’t you (?) My old dog ate a hole in the floor once – floor covering, plywood panels and also the joist – he was very frustrated. Oh he also ate an antique Grandfather clock 😦

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    1. LOL! Dawg hasn’t eaten any furniture or floors/walls (yet!) although he did eat the edges of a carpet when he was young! He seems to prefer things he can steal then eat… I should teach him to pickpocket 😉

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