Photo 101: Triumph


How very British of me…. to celebrate my triumphant completion of the Photo 101 course with a nice cup of tea and a choccy biscuit (or two!)

But the triumphant part comes from the fact that not only did I complete each assignment with a new photograph AND I completed it on the day it was asked for (last year I was sooo at the coo’s tail with this course) but today I have the lugry. My son was home from college this past weekend with a sore throat, chest and the sneezes and as of yesterday I also have a sore throat, chest and the sneezes. But I triumphantly soldiered on, feeling very pathetic and sorry for myself (I feel so bad I actually only ate ONE of the biscuits believe it or not! AND THEY WERE REAL CADBURY’S)

Well at least it’s not Man-Flu.


10 thoughts on “Photo 101: Triumph

  1. Hey, Man Flu is bloomin’ serious stuff, don’t scoff at it!!!!!🤒
    Well done you for staying the course and sticking to the “new photos only” rule. 👍
    I’m going to post my final shot tomorrow; today has been a long one. . . !

    Oh, no sugar in mine either. ☕️🙃

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  2. Found it! I need a cup of tea now. I’ve been looking forward to your posts, they have been great. In fact, I bet my wife has some Moet et Chandon in her pretty cabinate, I’ll go raise you a glass. Thanks for sharing

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    1. You got the lyrics wrong!
      According to my son when he was 8 years old the lyrics were
      “She keeps her mowhawk and swan song in a pretty caravan”
      Mind you he also sang “another one fights the duster” and “spare him his life from these pork sausages”…. Those meat products can be pretty deadly you know!

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