Leibster Awards and winning the Internet

Thank you SilverFox (https://carrotroom.wordpress.com/) for nominating me for a Leibster Award. I hope there’s a Ferrari in the post now…. I mean winning the Internet and getting awards is great and all, but a Ferrari would be splendiferous! But in the event of there NOT being a shiny new car on my doorstep tomorrow I’d make do with a Gregg’s cheese and onion pasty. (Greggs is a British baker for my international friends) Anyway here are my answers to SilverFox’s questions.

  1. Do you have any interesting marks on your body or physical anomalies? – No, I’m afraid not (unless you count a fat arse) I’m very boring… I can move my pinkie toes without moving my other toes though. You’re all going to try that now, aren’t you?
  2. What is your favourite animal and why? – Giraffe. Because Giraffes! They don’t need no why’s!
  3. What is your favourite film? – The Matrix. Yep, I’m a sci-fi geek and PROUD OF IT! Stand up and be counted my fellow geeks!
  4. What’s your poison?… wine, beer, whiskey? – Tea (how very British of me!). Or a cold white wine if you really want an alcoholic answer.
  5. What is your longest journey ever taken on the ground? – In the one go? About 8 hours probably, from Kilmarnock, Scotland to Torquay, England. 
  6. When/where did you last dance? – Tuesday. At my Zumba class. Love dancing.
  7. What birthday cake would you like next time? – Oooohhh, anything with butter-icing on it 🙂
  8. How many pairs of shoes do you have? – I refuse to answer that question on the grounds it might incriminate me in a court of law!
  9. Tea or coffee? Tea!! I don’t like coffee at all… but I love the smell of coffee. I’m a Starbucks smell junkie. 
  10. What was the last picture you took that wasn’t a selfie? – Today of my piano for Photo 101.
  11. Desert Island – what book, what piece of music and what item of luxury would you want? – Lord of the Rings (not only a sci-fi geek, a fantasy nerd too), music is a lot harder because I would want my ipod with me. I don’t think I can choose a favourite piece of music because it changes daily depending on my mood. I have various YouTube channels I’ve set up that I listen to when I’m working so it could be rock, opera, classical, oldies, just whatever I feel like on that day. Sorry, not a good answer but it’s a hard question. Luxury item – can I take my bed? I luuuurrrve my bed. 

finally, please provide 11 random facts about yourself

Oh my, I’m not at all interesting and 11 random facts would probably bore the pants off y’all. (as an aside I think y’all should be spoken in the UK too – it’s such a great word!)

  1. I love to exercise and try to swim twice a week. I also love Zumba (as you’ll know if you’ve been paying attention and read my answer to Q.6 above…. you will be quizzed on my answers later btw!
  2. Actually I’m going to make I love Zumba No. 2 as I’m struggling to find things to say about myself!
  3. I learned to drive when I was 17 and passed my test after only 6 lessons. God, I’m even boring myself here!
  4. I’m a terrible cook. I have about 5 things I can make well and the rest of the time it’s just barely edible.
  5. I think in my next life I’m going to come back a cat. I love cats and how they can lie around in the sun all day then demand affection and food. I could do that…
  6. My friend and I can have hour long discussions on what a perfect elf should look like. Hint… it’s Legolas!
  7. Sorry, got distracted by attacking ants…. 7. I love animals but HATE maggots, worms, slugs, all squirmy things….. ewwwww
  8. I wish I lived at the sea, or near enough to get to every day. I didn’t appreciate living so close to the coast when I lived in Scotland until I moved to the Mid-West USA.
  9. Phew, nearly there….. This has taken me about an hour btw! I hope y’all appreciate the effort this has taken me!
  10. Yeah, OK 9 wasn’t really a proper fact but 10 has 2. I went to college in Glasgow and I was the only female in a class of guys so I used to spend my lunch hours wandering round the shops. I loved it btw. The shops that is, not being the only female. I didn’t get ANY special treatment at all, unfortunately.
  11. I love cheese.

That was totally the most traumatic thing I’ve had to do in a loooooonnnnngggg time! I’m actually not going to nominate anyone else, but if any of my friend would like to answer the same questions SilverFox asked me then please go ahead. I would like to hear your answers (Dookes, Curtis, Lili, Miriam etc) and find out 11 random facts about you too, but I don’t want to put anyone under any pressure, so go with the flow peeps and consider yourself nominated.


9 thoughts on “Leibster Awards and winning the Internet

  1. Quite understand the trauma – I think I’d run out of facts around n° 4 or 5. Maybe if I spend a fortnight thinking… So now I’m wondering what you studied to be the only girl in a class of guys – petroleum engineering?

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