Photo 101: Movement

What could I do for movement? Well how about my big daft dog! That will be easy thought I. I’ll get my daughter roped in to throw the ball/frisbee/stick at me and I’ll shoot him running towards me…. How wrong could I be!! Umpteen photos later (and a pretty good workout for the dog) I finally manged to capture some ‘action’ shots of him, but dang dog just wouldn’t co-operate! Anyway here’s a few shots of him running around the backyard.

14 thoughts on “Photo 101: Movement

  1. Oh Alba, sometimes I despair of you!
    Surely you must know that any animal and particularly a dog, will never cooperate when you want to take a photo of them? Well ok, maybe pigs!
    Great collection of “happy doggy in motion” shots, I really like the last one.

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