Photo 101: Architecture and monochrome

This was a fun challenge today! I love black and white photography and even though I live in a very non-architecturaly-pretty town I managed to find a few shots that I haven’t taken before. (This time round for Photo 101 I’m determined to take all new shots!)

Anyway here are my offerings for today’s theme – hope you like. Feedback as always is greatly appreciated 🙂

Will Rodgers lowres
Boarded up old movie theatre
Will Rodgers theatre lowres
Will Rogers Art-deco style movie theatre street view
Fire escape low res
Abandoned shoe factory

11 thoughts on “Photo 101: Architecture and monochrome

  1. I think they’re great and the fact that the images are in B&W make the viewer concentrate in the architecture, since there are no colors to distract the eye. It’s amazing how photography a challenge can push us further creatively, right? 🙂

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