Photo 101: a pop of colour

Red bellied Woodpecker – Yes, even though it’s got a red head. Makes no sense to me either!

A splash of colour in a dull background. I love my bird feeders but I’m rubbish at taking photos of the birds at them. I probably need a longer lens than a 90mm (this shot has a huge crop) The trouble is I don’t know what lens to buy – do I go for a big huge beast that I can’t carry around with me, or do I go for one with a mega zoom and lose the qualilty. I need somebody to just tell me – BUY THIS ONE! I do love my Pentax K5 and really wanted to stay away from the Canons and Nikons, but they do have a better selection of lenses, and by better I mean cheaper! In the meanwhile I’ll continue trying to shoot birds and get frustrated they’re not as sharp as I’d like them to be. (That is shoot birds with a camera obviously!)

10 thoughts on “Photo 101: a pop of colour

  1. Love it… Great POP of red… I know what you mean about “shooting” birds… I am having the same dilema.. I do have a Nikon but am considering the cost and weight of the good zooms, which have to be used with a tripod, against how much I will actually use it… so I still crop and lose quality.

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    1. Yes I know – I’d love a Tamron 70-200mm, but I know I’d hate lugging it about and it’s a lot of money to only use out the backdoor shooting birds!


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