Photo 101: Connect

1,467 connected carriages later!

I had the luck of the Irish today. OK, the luck of the Scottish then!

Driving back home from the next town over and I got stopped at the level crossing with one of the mega-trains that only happen in the US and I thought to myself – that would be IDEAL for the connect theme for today’s blog! So I quickly whipped out my compact camera (which lives in my bag at all times) and started snapping away, much to the amusement of the car behind me! Actually there was no need to be quick about it as by the time I’d waited 10 minutes on the train rolling past, it then started backing up and going the other way. I along with the car behind me was well past my endurance of waiting, plus I had snapped all the pics I wanted to snap, so we both did a (probably highly illegal) U-ey and turned back the way we’d came. The train is probably still trying to make up it’s mind which way to go….

My lucky capture today

10 thoughts on “Photo 101: Connect

  1. You really nailed it, and the pictures are great! That’s an interesting conversation above regarding our trains here in the USA. True enough, the mega-trains are ubiquitous, so I guess I hardly notice them. They sure do make good pictures, though!

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