Photo 101: Solitude

Gosh darn it (American version)…. talk about hectic days and running out of time!!! BUT I was determined not to use an old shot and take a new one every day so I apologise in advance for the iphone shot. If only work didn’t have to get in the way of pleasure. Oh and add in a piano tuner, a new fridge delivery, 2 kids home for Spring Break from college and you get the picture of how my day is going!

Glenn solitude2
Where did that squirrel go???

So solitude – here is my puppy playing all by himself out the back door (backyard for Americans). He feels the need to do a lap of his boundaries to check for invading squirrels and other varmits. Then will bark at every stray leaf blown onto the grass and of course Buster, the neighbours (neighbors) dog and him will have a barking competition.

Anway I know it’s a bit pathetic, but hey… at least I’ve thrown something up here 😉

Is it too early for wine?

ps. Luuuuuurrrrrve my new fridge 😀

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