Photo 101: Water and perspective

Lake landscape

Dull, grey, slightly rainy…. but I managed to get out there and get a new shot for the water theme! Yayy, give that woman a fudge doughnut!!!

I had actually spotted this log (alien?) at the weekend when I was walking the mutt at the lake so knew what I wanted to do for this theme. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a bit of jiggerypokery on it (HDR for those in the know) and see what I come up with after playing.

This is the landscape version and below is the portrait one. I’m leaning towards portrait in this case. Whattdya all think?

Lake portrait

15 thoughts on “Photo 101: Water and perspective

  1. You nailed it there Alba, great subject.
    I really can’t make up my mind L or P? Each has their own merits. It’s a bit like Almond Croisssant or Pain au Chocolat? Both great in different ways!
    Fudge donut sounds a bit messy though!!! 🙂

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