Photo 101: Bliss

Ahhh, what sounds blissful right about now…. how about a hammock, a good book, a cool drink and a beach? Well much as I’d love to fly off to a beachey somewhere, all for the sake of keeping it authentic for Photo 101….. unfortunately it’s just not possible.

So next best thing, I pulled up a photograph of a beach on my PC, placed a chocolate Bounty bar in front of the monitor and started snapping….. didn’t really work out too well. You can’t tell it’s a beach, even when I adjusted the F-stop higher it still wasn’t working like I though it would. Oh well, at least I got to blissfully eat the Bounty….

Blissful Bounty Bar

25 thoughts on “Photo 101: Bliss

    1. Noooooo…. got to be milk chocolate.
      Now that I can’t get Cadburys from my local international food store (and by local I mean 60 miles away!!!) I have to make do with chunky Kit-kats and Bounty bars. 😦


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