Golf rules

Stylish golf shoes are essential for good play

If I played golf then a few rules would need to be changed….

No-one would get in trouble for doing wheelies or doughnuts with their golf carts on the fairway.

Nor for driving over the sandpits (or bunkers as other golfers INSIST on calling them) Also wouldn’t it be lovely if the players before you left a wee message written in the sand? Or a wee sandcastle?

Nor for driving through the ponds as fast as the cart would go (obviously MY cart would have Batmobile-type extras and also be a hovercraft for those deeper ponds) Got to check for those lurking alligators/sea-monsters you know. They lurk around golf courses.

Lurking alligator

Then for every hole you finish the final putt should set off some kind of event. Like a flock of doves flying out the hole. Or a fountain going off. Then at the 18th hole fireworks.

Now when Mr. Alba talks about retiring to live in a golf community I’ll be all “EXCELLENT IDEA HONEY!”

Golf. Woohoo. Time to party!!


Hey Alba, What happened to the pic-a-day resolution thingy?


Did you fail? That’s the point of resolutions though isn’t it? What about the walking the dog/exercise every day one then?


OK, keep your hair on! Did you keep ANY of your resolutions?

“Yes, I’ve still not eaten any chocolate this year”

Well, that’s a stupid resolution….

“I know” Insert miserable expression here.


12 thoughts on “Golf rules

        1. Sure it was…. then the Welsh (being more sensible than the Scots) passed it on to St. Andrews. The Scots being silly decided it was a great game and claimed they invented it! True facts that.

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