New Year’s resolutions and other such nonsense


Happy New Year and Happy 1st Birthday to my blog… yep, I’ve been on WordPress for a whole year now so it’s about time I did something productive with it instead of randomely throwing up some photographs now and again.

Soooooo, I’ve decided for my New Year’s resolution I’m going to do a 365. That is a photograph a day for a year. I might not post all the photos, but I’m going to make the effort to at least TAKE a photo a day, whether it is with my DSLR or my camera phone. I don’t normally bother much with resolutions (principally because I always break them – “NO CHOCOLATE FOR A MONTH!” (actually one year I carried on after the month and I ate no chocolate for a whole year, but that was just silly) or “I WILL LOSE 40lbs IN 2 MONTHS” or “EXERCISE EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR AN HOUR”) but a photograph a day is totally do-able.

I’m not going to blog every single day because that’s just not possible, so I’ll throw a random selection of photographs up whenever I can. Anyway this is January so far (“It’s only the 4th of January Alba – you haven’t done much to be proud of yet ya muppet”)


New Year’s day walk at the lake with the dog…. bl**dy freezing but a lovely way to start the year. phone pic


2nd January walk in the prairie…. still bl**dy freezing and dog is being a brat (pulling his lead to investigate all sorts of smells) phone pic


Traditional Scottish Clootie Dumpling… made in the not-so-traditional microwave, but I was really pleased how it turned out, ie. not burned or soggy! phone pic

Donut lowres

Doughnuts (or donuts)…. you can see why I don’t bother with the “lose 40lbs” resolution anymore! DSLR

Well, so far so good…. hopefully I’ll manage my 365. Off to eat some doughnuts walk the dog!

Happy New Year and hope whatever resolutions you have (or don’t have) you successfully keep them (or not).


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