Death by chocolate

Uh-oh…. Walgreens have brought in their Christmas chocolate boxes already. Last year I discovered that their no-name-brand box of chocolates tastes EXACTLY like Thorntons Classic Collection (Thorntons is a UK chocolate manufacturer American friends) This is a B-I-G mistake. There’s still 7 weeks to go till Christmas, not to mention after Christmas when they sell them off cheap! (Last year I didn’t discover them till afterwards, but I still managed to buy 5 boxes!)  I’m going to have to restrict myself to one box a week from now till they’re gone. Why can’t America make good chocolate? (Coz it’s all Hershey, even Cadbury – I’m answering my own question here!) Anyway good friends, go buy them and save me from eating them all myself and death by chocolate….

Yes, there are 4 missing. Yes, twas I!
Yes, there are 4 missing. Yes, twas I.

PS. If anyone from Walgreens Head Office happens to read this I’ll accept all payments for endorsing your products in chocolate currency.

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