Back from hame

Beyonce the sheep
Beyonce the sheep

2 weeks in Scotland and you post a pic of a sheep!!!

Well, it’s a pretty cool sheep… and castles and scenery are over-rated sometimes. Actually, I have tons of pics of castles and scenery (and more sheep and Heilan’ coo’s) but I’ll post them another time.

This is just a quick blog to say sorry for the absence, but I’ve been awa hame. A kind of bittersweet holiday if I’m honest – we lost my mother-in-law in March unexpectedly so being in the family home without her was very sad, but I got to meet my new baby nephew for the first time so that was lovely. Plus of course all the fantastic food and catching up with old friends.

Blogging (and commenting) will resume shortly.

8 thoughts on “Back from hame

  1. Welcome back Alba! Also love sheep! πŸ™‚ Honest, my mum used to card fleeces and spin yarn at home on her spinning wheel, then weave with it!!! So yeah, we’re kind of attached to sheep…And yours looks well as strangely coquettish. Any good Scottish cakes up there?!

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    1. Ooohhh…. so many cakes, so little time!
      I actually ended up almost eating a cake a day (well allright, no almost about it. I DID eat a cake a day) and posting them on my mum’s FB page to annoy her πŸ˜‰

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