New life

Red Cardinal chicks
Red Cardinal chicks

Life is such a roller-coaster, full of incredible highs and lows and rushing around at 100mph that sometimes it’s nice to STOP and just wonder at the miracle of nature.

As an aside – Red Cardinals must be the daftest birds around though – why would they build a nest 2 feet off the ground when there’s a gigantic puppy running around the garden. We had to erect a temporary fence round the tree to keep the dog away from the chicks. There’s plenty of trees round the side of the house where the dog can’t get to, but no, they nest right in the dog’s ‘play’ area!

4 thoughts on “New life

    1. Well, they are actually gone now. They were gone within the week and I was worried the dog (or some other creature) had got them, but when I googled how long it takes for Red Cardinals to leave the nest the answer was about 10 days! Anyway I’m hoping they’re all safe 🙂

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