First Date


There I was, sitting in a coffee shop in Indianapolis, shamelessly eavesdropping on a first date from a couple in their 70s who had met online. They were having a lovely time getting to know each other and complimenting each other on various things including their hair – him, abundance of – her, colour (she admitted it was dyed if you’re interested). I was feeling all warm and fuzzy and full of happy thoughts as their date was wrapping up and he asked for her phone number so he could call her sometime and she refused to give it to him. I felt so bad for him I was tempted to go up and give him MY number so he could call me when he wanted to chat, but thought if hubby found out I was giving my phone number away to random elderly strangers just because I felt sorry for them then he wouldn’t be very happy with me.

Romance in the twilight years is alive and well and (mostly) better off kept online.


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