Photography 101: Colour pop

Just hanging around
Just hanging around

Photo assignment – a splash of colour (color for my American friends)

When I was playing around with this shot I had this Strangler’s song running through my head the whole time, so sharing with you my fine blogger friends.

3 thoughts on “Photography 101: Colour pop

  1. I LOVE The Stranglers – no one I know has ever heard of them!!! I completely wore OUT two cassettes of the Dreamtime album (FYI, cassettes were how we listened to music BEFORE CDs were invented {FYFI, CDs were how we listened to music BEFORE MP3s were invented}).

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    1. I luuuurve the Strangers – I think Beaches is my favourite!
      Also I’m more than old enough to remember cassettes :-/
      (but I’m happy you think I’m young enough NOT to know what they are) 😉

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