Photography 101: Connect


I HATE KNITTING! With a passion!!

But I decided to knit myself a scarf. How hard can a scarf be thinks I? 3 days later, multiple unravels and boredom sets in. Then son appears and asks “Why are you knitting grass?”

Scarf still isn’t finished.


5 thoughts on “Photography 101: Connect

  1. Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh! 😀 It’s a nice photo. It looks like the scarf will be very soft and cozy (if you decide to finish it).

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      1. A worth goal! I never was successful with knitting; I do much better with crochet. I have a large afghan on my bed that I crocheted many years ago. Slide one of those under a blanket, and it really traps in the heat to keep you nice and cozy! 🙂


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