Dear Dream Reader…

So as I’m sitting at my PC trying to think of a ‘dream reader’ my 12-month old puppy just won’t stop pestering me to come play with him and I think to myself – I’ll just write to my dog (because after all, we talk to them as if they’re human, don’t we?) and if he were able to read I’d definitely want my dog to read this – coz he thinks I’m the best thing ever! 😉

Anyway for want of a better reader or idea here goes….

Dear Dawg,

You might not be the best behaved dog in the world. You make the worst lap dog EVER (no matter what you think a 65lb dog is just TOO big to sit on my knee). You might be the best (or worst) thief and sock-eater. You might have cost us over a thousand dollars for an emergency operation when you ate a toy and it got stuck in your small-intestines. You might bark and scare the neighbours and jump on all the visitors and sometimes it’s like living with a Shetland pony. BUT I just want to thank you for all the happiness you have given me in the last 10 months and also for your unconditional love.

Lots of love,

Your Human.

ps. You stink and need a bath!

Glenn17 lowres

6 thoughts on “Dear Dream Reader…

    1. Actually….. we got him in Tennessee! The breeders lived somewhere east of Chatanooga, halfway up a mountain. So he’s a TN dawg that barks with a Scottish accent 😉


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